Life and death




Hello, everyone! My name is Brady Davis and I'm a musician based in Dallas, TX. Been here for about 3 years and it seems like I'm still exploring and learning new things. I love taking in music at Granada, The Rustic, Kessler Theater, anything in Deep Ellum and any of the other bars/venues Dallas has to offer. (Balcony Club on Monday night, am I right?)

Before making the move to Dallas, I spent '03-'13 in Austin where I attended The University of Texas and shortly after began writing, playing and recording for a living. I'm a product of the Texas Hill Country, so my formative years consisted of hunting, fishing, dirt roads and (Texas) Country. Pat Green and Randy Rodgers will always have their nostalgic hold on me, but I feel like I discovered music for the first time in Austin. I was introduced to Ryan Adams while we were on the road one night. Easy Tiger changed my life. Cold Roses changed it even more. I had never heard anything like it. I was hooked.  Then there was John Mayer, Dawes, Kings of Leon.  All these guys became my biggest influences and continue to drive and shape my sound more than any other artists.

Since moving to Dallas, I took some time off from music to get a career started in real estate.  Now that I'm up and running and on my feet, it's time to get back into the music scene.  I'm really looking forward to sharing my songs with everyone here and just doing what I enjoy the most.  Come on out!  First drink is on me!




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Life and Death

by Brady Davis


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